Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hopes fade away & reborn again, but sometimes they just fade away for good. In my case lets say I'm just thankful to be alive. Lu lac d'Annecy this place will forever remain special, forever. I took this picture before the sun was gone, this is almost the end of the lake. On this very spot I swam with my father, we had a bet that day. The lake was so cold I didn't feel my legs the first 15 minutes, the fact the water was so sweet I didn't mind sipping one or two by mistake. I remember the next morning leaving Annecy very early so we could go to Paris, the mist and steam coming out of the lake early in the morning was amazing.

Its cold, all year long, day and night, but the sun never fails to comfort.

There would be more posts about cooking, though lately I'm not getting anywhere with my culinary life. Lets just hope things get better. Without dream ofcourse, but at least, lets just do something ..

Shaikha xx

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